[ About Ron Douglas]

Hi my name is Ron Douglas, I’m a Photographer living in New York.

I currently work as a full time Video Editor for IBC Digital, and in my free time I work as a Photographer specializing in creative alternative model portraiture…mouthful eh?

The purpose of this blog is:
1. Part of a new years resolution to engage in creative activity daily
2. To document my day to day activities through visual acuity of the word around me.
3. To provide insight to my creative process by providing technical data whenever possible.
4. hopefully to inspire at least one other individual.

For the purpose of this blog I will try not to post any model photography, and stick to my captures of the word around me in a non-controlled setting.  I  may post photos of people or models in a spontaneous portrait setting, and concert photography.

So, with that said… here are some other places you can see my work.

My website
Model, Artist, and Landscape photography

Model photography / Networking



A daily Haiku (now defunct)


3 responses

9 03 2008

Holy crap, roncore on wordpress.

(its pharo)

7 02 2009

I love your work. I just started photography and started school and I came across your work. It is exactly what I have in my mind of what I want to take. The angles, the lighting, the shots you take, it is amazing to me. I see what I want in my head I just need to figure and learn how. I just had to let you know that I love your work. I saw that you are on Deviantart.com. Check out my page and let me know what you like and dont like. I really would love your input. It is : Just-be-me
Again love your work. Keep up the good work!

26 08 2009

I am not you.
Since moving to Buffalo I have been asked if I were you quite a few times. We have the same names are both visual artists. Some of your material was placed in my mailbox at UB. I gave it back. Maybe we should make something together to further this confusion.

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